Mermaids is a collection of reflections and mysterious echoes, it’s an ironic and visionary travel in time and space. In a dimension suspended between the truth and the dream, each piece is unique and made with no preliminary drawing, inspired by the memory as way to develop the main concept. By playing with the universe of costume and artisanal jewelry and by stealing pop aesthetics references from the recent past, as result Mermaids is veiled by romanticism and irony, an unique collection, which has the prerogative of a free creation, into a perspective of mixed media jewelry, inspired by art of collage and assemblage. Baroque and Rococò secret gardens, the opulence of queens jewelry, romanticism, Autochrome private photographs from early 20th century  and literature are dense inspirations, developing the concepts of previous collections. Magical and rare larimar, lucky jades, beautiful aventurines, rhodonite, coral and mother of pearl are the perfect precious complements that give a more substantial vibe to this collection. Mermaids collection also introduces the brand new hair accessories line and signature tags, hand stamped one by one.